Cole HueyShe Has Wings
Why? That‘s what everyone asked 14-year-old Cole Huey when he and three friends rose before dawn last week and hiked 13 miles to school from Sullivan’s Island. “Why do people climb Mount Everest?” said Cole, who relished the challenge. As the WINGS Creed says – “The choices you make should be what you want to do.
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A new generation of donors is transforming education philanthropy with controversial ideas about learning and new approaches to giving their money away. In an article entitled “How Many Billionaires Does It Take to Fix a School System?” The New York Times discusses their efforts.
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Kindergarten student Michayla Brisco strives to live the WINGS Creed. She understands that everyone is different, as the Creed says, and she declares that what makes her unique is her missing front teeth. That unique and shining smile of hers greets WINGSLeaders every day.
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-John Dewey
Philosopher and Educator

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