Cole HueyShe Has Wings
Once Anthony Dixon started working with kids in the WINGS program, he gave up law school plans and made education his calling. Seeing the difference he could make in kids’ lives transformed him. Now he finds himself back at Memminger Elementary School – as principal.
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Hot WingsWhat seems obvious to adults often needs to be explained to kids to make their social interactions run smoothly. At the start of school, set the expectation that they should introduce themselves to students they don’t know already – and show them how.
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Hugged your kid –
or your lion – today?

How do you define success? Yale research shows WINGS works, but when kids are banging down the door to get into our program, we know we’re succeeding. Both Memminger and Chicora Elementary Schools already are fully booked!

Fun-loving first-grader Justice Benjamin is such a confident WINGS kid. She frequently wins our award for self awareness because, as The Creed states, she truly "loves and accepts who she is on the inside and knows her emotions are nothing to hide."
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Listen to The Creed.

- Plato, Greek Philosopher

Give Wings
Give the gift of time and make a big difference. WINGS needs tutors to help some of our kids with their homework. You can volunteer for as little as 2 hours a month – or as much as you want. Click here to let us know your availability.

Lenny Blevins does it again! His 3rd annual summertime funfest on Gold Bug Island known as The Flip Flop Ball raised more than $5,000 to benefit WINGS. Click here to view some pictures from the event.

Offbeat feature spotlights the whimsical side of WINGS CEO Ginny Deerin this month. Click here to check it out.

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