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Warees ShabazzShe Has Wings
Warees Shabazz, the peanut guy at Royall Hardware, is one of those people who puts a smile on your face.

Dan Goleman tells the story of a bus driver like that in his best-selling book, Emotional Intelligence.  Each morning in NY, crabby people would get on the driver’s city bus.  Because of his good mood, by the time the bus ride ended, the crabby people morphed into happy people.  The lesson Goleman was illustrating:  emotions are contagious. 
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Praising our "unique" program, the Associated Press article about WINGS has appeared in newspapers from Dallas to Charlotte to Jacksonville.
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A new study of top-notch afterschool programs demonstrates that participants performed far better academically -- 10 percentile points higher -- than students who did not attend. The research examined 35 programs serving 2,900 kids from Connecticut to California
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Rashawn Lowerymeet jordan
At WINGS, sixth-grader Rashawn Lowery has learned to accept himself and do what he enjoys without worrying what others think -- like sewing. One of two boys in the sewing Choice Time, he created a latch-hook rug of a soccer ball and was the first to finish. He's a very hard worker.

Rashawn is in the Giant Eagles next, and his WINGSLeader is Mr. Tony.
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- Maurice Elias, PhD
Rutgers University
Give Wings
Each day at WINGS we recite our Creed which says, "I want to learn more about everyone I meet. I want to step into their 'shoe' and see what they are going through." Step into the shoes of these kids and consider the difference a scholarship makes.

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