Shann RoccoShe Has Wings
At Wings we teach our kids about how feelings are contagious. Shann Rocco contaminated Sullivan’s Island with her joyous and generous spirit. No one lived life bigger and better than Shann, the wife of our former board member, Jim Rocco. Driving her kids to school she could shoot a smile across the roadway that would fill you up with good feelings. 
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Regardless of affiliation, Republicans and Democrats alike can see that Barack Obama displays formidable social and emotional smarts. So WINGS kids – who pledge daily that “working together is a must” – took a field trip to see the presidential candidate.
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Lindasiameet jordan
Third-grader Lindasia Fyall is an outspoken, fun-loving girl who is bursting with energy. She’s enthusiastically involved in a Choice Time activity called Extra! Extra!, learning how to write for a newspaper. By conducting interviews and writing her personal bio, she learned to approach others respectfully and confidently.
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-Roger P. Weissberg
University of Illinois

Give Wings
CPA firm Dixon Hughes sends a team of staffers to tutor daily at WINGS. Their boss Tricia Wilson says: "What we get back is tenfold. If everyone in the city took on this type of commitment, think of the phenomenal impact we’d make." The CPA firm joined the WINGS Futures program with a $22,500 pledge for three years.
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