Cole HueyShe Has Wings
Jim Boyd has climbed the highest mountains in the world. It�s a passion of his. When he was in a car accident that almost claimed his life, he held onto the dream of climbing again. The idea of walking once more seemed unlikely � but not to Jim.
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Hot WingsS � Stand back
T � Talk it over
R � Read
E � Exercise
S � Slow down
S � Sing

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Watch how dancing Matt connects without words.

We're full of anticipation about the launch of a brand new WINGS program next month at Chicora Elementary School at 1912 Success Street in North Charleston. It�s a big challenge with a big payoff � for the kids and their families, for the school, for WINGS.
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Fourth-grader Raji Polite is a high-energy kid with a contagious smile. He has great team spirit and really loves to compete. Raji constantly demonstrates how well he understands that "working together is a must," as The Creed states.
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-Columnist David Brooks,
New York Times

Give Wings
We�re celebrating! The U.S. Education Department awarded WINGS a vote of confidence and a fiercely competitive 21st Century Learning Center grant for $673,000 over 4 years. But government funds pay only 1/3 of our costs. We rely on private investment more than ever.
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