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WINGS kid Vera Swain used to watch Jeopardy on TV and imagine herself appearing on the brainy quiz show and confidently answering every question. But years later, when she auditioned as a USC student, she failed to make the cut. Many people would have given up at that point. Not Vera.
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Hot WingsNow that summer's here, why not grab the chance to connect with your kids? Here's a list from our WINGS staff of a dozen ways to stay connected, build social and emotional skills, and keep it fun. What's on your list?
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Watch Charleston mayor
salute WINGS.

Mayor Joe Riley and Charleston County Schools Superintendent Nancy McGinley joined WINGS kids May 29 to ring the opening bell of a mock Stock Exchange, signaling the launch of our 5-year Flight Plan to to give WINGS to many more kids.
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First-grader Kierra Wellington just loves doing the special handshake with the other Hummingbirds in Ms. Heather's Nest at the start of each WINGS session. No question about it � her favorite Choice Time was WINGS Scouts, where they pretend to go camping � and pretend to be chased by bears! They also get to devour S'mores, a vital camping activity.
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- Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence

Give Wings
Smart investors tell us that despite the economic slowdown, WINGS is a great investment if you care about kids. Thanks to their support, we've raised $500,000 of the $875,000 needed to implement the first year of our 5-year growth plan that commences July 1. Click here to read all about the success. Help us raise the remaining $375,000 by donating here


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