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Charleston Regional Business Journal named WINGS COO Bridget Laird one of Charleston's top 40 executives under the age of 40 for her management savvy and tireless dedication that truly transforms kids' lives. Bridget Laird has WINGS!
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Hot WingsSound familiar? Parents make summer plans for their kids without much input. Kids feel like they have little control. They whine and whine. Parents throw up their hands. No one�s happy. Try collaborating with the WINGS Summer Planning Guide.
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Watch this video if you need a "glad" boost.

Do yourself a favor and watch this uplifting online video that really grabbed us this month. Called "Raising Small Souls," it is reproduced from work by R.Z. Greenwald. It's a powerful reminder of how unique kids are.
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After four years in WINGS, Keyera Thomas-Keitt knows how to work well with others. A member of the Flamingos Nest supervised by Ms. Topper, this fifth-grader says that since she has learned to recognize that others are different, it�s much easier to get along �without fussing or fighting.�
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- Daniel Goleman, Ph.D

Give Wings
Your trash is our treasure! WINGS needs old laptop computers. The only requirements are that they have wireless and Internet capabilities. We use laptops to help track the progress of WINGS kids thoroughly with a state-of-the-art success management system.
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