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Sports Illustrated writer Gary Smith is known for revealing the humanity of the subjects of his award-winning profiles. A recent tribute in The New York Times called him “perhaps the greatest American magazine writer” and asked how can he muster “such empathy” for all his subjects?
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Hot WingsTeach kids this strategy called BrainSTORM:

  • Sit
  • Think
  • Organize
  • Re-think
  • Make the best choice
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Bringing our Creed alive!

Frequently at WINGS we’re asked to share our strategies and practices that work so well with kids. That’s why we’ve relaunched, to share valuable lessons learned. Try the instant poll, watch a video, peruse the latest research, experience WINGS!

Destiny Robinson-Martin has practically grown up in the WINGS program. She enrolled as a kindergartner and keeps returning faithfully. Now a 5th grader, she’s a great influence on other kids.
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A grant from Google awarded to WINGS will help us reach more people.
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- Stanley Greenspan,
Child development expert

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