She Has Wings
He’s big, he’s pink, he’s always glad to see you! We think Mr. Pig soars because he spreads good cheer wherever he goes in our community, connecting with kids and making people smile at the mere sight of his oversize porcine presence.
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The Creed.

Hot WingsEverybody makes mistakes. That’s why it’s important to learn how to apologize, take responsibility and make amends. Teaching kids these important lessons is a lot more fun when you create an apology pot.
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More than 2,000 fluffy pink clouds covered with smiley faces filled the skies over London on a bleak winter day as one artist’s attempt to lighten the gloom and doom afflicting so many of us lately.

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of Happy Clouds.

Fourth-grader Zyquiasha Meggett brims with confidence and charisma. She really loves singing, and worked hard to learn about opera during Choice Time voice lessons offered in partnership with the Charleston Academy of Music. Her instructor said she took full advantage of the opportunity.
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- Henry David Thoreau

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