She Has Wings
Facing up to his choices in the classroom wasn’t easy, but Uriah Singleton shouldered his responsibility in school, and his triumphant football coach said that’s why the running back has been such a success on the field.

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Hot WingsHere’s a fun way to teach kids that the greatest gift we can give to others isn’t something to buy. The Gift Challenge gets the whole family involved.

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The movement to advance social and emotional learning got a huge boost when Education Secretary Arne Duncan declared that the time has come to recognize that it’s “crucial” to success in school.

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Energetic first-grader Shamar Brehon is having so much fun at WINGS this year, now that he has learned some new strategies for coping with surprises. As the Creed promised, self-control brings “much better days!”

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- Author Carl W. Buechner

The influential New York-based Center for Social and Emotional Education featured Ginny Deerin’s list of 8 ways to foster school connectedness in their newsletter’s “expert spotlight.”

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