She Has Wings
Maintaining calm under pressure is a learned skill – a social and emotional skill. Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger demonstrated how crucial that skill can be when he crash-landed US Air Flight 1549 in the Hudson River.
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Hot WingsNeed to decide who’s going to take out the trash, sit in the front seat of the car or get the last piece of pizza? Fingers Up shows kids a fair way to make hard decisions.
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Watch this heart-grabbing video of a special boy’s basketball triumph.

From The Wall Street Journal to Oprah, the experts are offering tips for surviving the tough economic climate we face this year. But what guides people through this or any other crisis in their lives? Emotional intelligence.

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Tyquez Legree has become so much more confident and outgoing over the last year, it’s hard to believe how shy he was when he arrived at WINGS. He enjoys Buenos Amigos Choice Time, learning about Hispanic culture through fun activities. Tyquez is quick to pick up Spanish phrases like “acuerdo” – agreements. He’s learning at WINGS how important it is to keep the acuerdos he makes.
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- Anatole France, Writer

Give Wings
They’re calling it “the Obama bounce.” It’s got nothing to do with poll numbers or the way he dances. It refers to a sudden rise in feelings of wanting to pitch in, help out, make a difference.
If you are feeling the bounce, please consider giving time or money to WINGS. We promise
to make a real difference in the lives of kids with your gift.
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