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She Has Wings
Now that she’s attending Duke University, and a member of student government, Aris Hanchard is amazed at how many different kinds of
people she meets. Her WINGS experience prepared her to “step into their shoes” and celebrate those differences, she says.
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Hot WingsInstead of frustrating power struggles with your kids, offer choices that include them in the decision-making process and encourage their independence. How about making it a resolution for the New Year – fewer power struggles, more choices!
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This bird can dance!

What distinguishes the most effective leaders? Emotional intelligence. That’s the conclusion of a study of 188 global companies in the Harvard Business Review. At WINGS, leadership development starts in the elementary school years.

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Third-grader Shadin Selim came to Charleston from Egypt and knew no English when she started at WINGS. It was very difficult at first for her, but she’s learning to be proud of a heritage that’s different from her classmates’. It helps to hear that The Creed says, “I understand others are unique.” At first her accent made her reticent – now she’s talkative and sociable and constantly volunteering to participate.
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- Tiger Woods

Give Wings
It hasn’t been easy for WINGS to balance the budget for 10 years or keep six months of operating reserves. Careful investors tell us that in such a rocky economy, this sound fiscal track record now inspires confidence that WINGS will provide value and impact for the money entrusted to us.
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