She Has Wings
Ten-year-old Tess Abedon loves stealing bases, catching pop flies and the crack of a hardball hitting her bat. She’s so passionate about baseball that Tess joined an all-boys team at an age when other girls prefer softball.

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Hot WingsSomehow we just expect kids to learn to read facial expressions automatically. Some do; others are slow to understand these emotional clues. But it’s a readily taught skill. And it’s fun, if you use Pick a Pic!

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Trinice Bowens vows never to change her phone number so WINGS kids will always know how to reach her. Eight years after she led the Flamingos’ Nest, she is still hearing from her girls and getting together regularly for sleepovers and heartfelt talks.

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One year of WINGS sent Ricki Mills soaring off to middle school, now that she’s learned her emotions are “nothing to hide” and knows how to express those feelings appropriately.

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- Children’s advocate
and actress Goldie Hawn

Give Wings
There are many ways to give besides money! We’re looking for Spanish-speaking volunteers available by phone from time to time to help us communicate with parents during after school hours.

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She Has Wings WINGS just got a big vote of confidence and a four-year $677,490 grant from the U.S. Department of Education that will help support the new after school program we’re launching at North Charleston Elementary School.

Soar to the Top in Your Flip Flops
– Benefit for WINGS kids at Gold Bug Island on July 18, complete with pig roast, open bar and great music. Tickets sold here - $35 in advance, $40 at the door - and at Poe’s on Sullivan’s Island.

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