She Has Wings
Max Simon aims to teach
1 million young people to meditate and become more self-aware. He leads groups in meditation in unlikely public places � like the Louis Vuitton store in Beverly Hills. His motto � "less stress, more success."
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Hot WingsWhen kids get input in decision-making, they may not get exactly what they want but they learn to find solutions everyone can live with. Explain fairness with the win-win grid.
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Watch this: Invest in our kids today so we don�t pay tomorrow!

A new investment of $6 million by the foundation headed by Jennifer and Peter Buffett sends an important signal that this Movement to advance social and emotional education is gaining national momentum by leaps and bounds.

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Fourth-grader Davion Anderson really loves learning to play golf during Choice Time, even though he�s definitely stepping outside his comfort zone, getting to know the volunteers who teach 1st Tee. It�s not always easy to practice what The Creed preaches.
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- Evander Holyfield, Boxer

Give Wings
U.S. News & World Report polled researchers and came up with a list of 5 ways to be happy despite the deepest recession in decades:

1. Take care of yourself
2. Become more charitable
3. Spend more time and money on enjoyable activities
4. Invest in relationships
5. Focus on what you�re
grateful for

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