She Has Wings
An empathetic approach makes Callie Shell’s photographs of President Obama’s first 100 days extraordinarily compelling. Just like WINGS kids learn in The Creed, she wants to “learn more about everyone I meet.”
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Hot WingsEver feel like a dictator when talking to your kids about doing what needs to be done? There’s a better way to communicate and get action!
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Our track record proves that WINGS successfully motivates the most challenged and disadvantaged kids. We aim to reach the most at-risk students in at-risk schools. That’s why we’re launching a new program this August at North Charleston Elementary School.

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Second-grader James Brisbane earned the WINGS Behavior Improvement Award in November and has been working hard to live up to The Creed. His favorite Choice Time activity was Alley Cats, when he learned how to bowl and was extremely proud of all his strikes.
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Our 1 + 1 campaign offers a unique opportunity to maximize your impact – if you act before the 1st day of summer. Give $50 to WINGS, and one matching donor will give $50 and a second matching donor will add $100. Your gift grows into $200 to spend on our kids! The offer lasts ‘til June 21.
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