She Has Wings
In an extraordinary display of cooperation, the Boeing Co. worked together with the state’s political leaders to reach agreement on a jet assembly plant that will bring almost 4,000 much-needed jobs to South Carolina. That’s the kind of teamwork that the WINGS Creed teaches because “working together is a must.”

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Hot WingsDon’t wait until the Thanksgiving meal to help kids focus on their blessings – and how they differ from wants and needs. Try this activity at bedtime.

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Watch starlings soar
in this video.

Influential philanthropy leader Sean Stannard-Stockton declared Laying the Groundwork for the Growth Years Ahead “the best annual report I’ve seen from a nonprofit – serious info, easily digested.” Check out the news about lessons learned, dollars saved and interest from Oprah!

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Only a couple of months into the school year, and first-grader Victor Sanchez is already flying high! WINGSLeaders praise his self-control and teamwork. In his Sparrows Nest, he's always quick to show support and cheer on the other kids with utmost enthusiasm.

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- CASEL Executive Director Lindsay Friedman

Business Journal�s new Philanthropy report cites CEO Ginny Deerin for using her previous success in the business world to improve the community through nonprofit service.

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