She Has Wings
As the Creed reminds, “working together is a must.” When champion collaborator Lucy Beckham of Wando High School was named the best principal in the nation by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, confetti poured from the ceiling and kids cheered.

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Hot WingsTired of hearing the same old answers when you ask: “How was school today?” Try a new approach with some open-ended questions.

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See how contagious emtions are in this video.

WINGS is really at the right place at the right time. The momentum building in philanthropy for investing in high-performing nonprofits with measurable results favors the impactful organization and model that WINGS has built up over 13 years in the field.

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Fourth-grader Tiera Alexander really emerged from her shell last year during the Great Outdoors Choice Tiime when she got lots of opportunities to practice speaking up and sharing ideas with teammates.

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