She Has Wings
A big part of the WINGS program is building our children’s self-awareness and ability to, as our creed reads, “Love and accept who I am on the inside.”
Meet 3-year-old Isla Engel Marguerite Mackinnon, who at her early age possesses these WINGS qualities and more.

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Hot WingsWhen times are tough it is easy to feel defeated. It's important for adults to stay positive – and to show how we can turn the negative into positive through affirmative self-talk. One way to teach this to your kids is through the bad apple experiment.

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SURFace dog Ricochet inspires us all to use our unique gifts to benefit others.

August marks the start of a new school year here in Charleston County, and there’s an excited buzz among our WINGS staff. Rightfully so—there have been a great number of positive changes to WINGS since school broke for summer, and like our hopes for our new and returning WINGS children, we feel we really have an opportunity to “fly high” this year if we stick to the path we’ve laid out for ourselves.

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We have a motto around WINGS to “be a bus driver”— encouraging us all to be warm, welcoming, and an ambassador for the WINGS creed each and every day. Cheryl is undeniably a bus driver. She’s kind and caring, and we’ve been lucky to have her positive energy floating around our offices this summer before she’s off to serve as Program Director at James Simons Elementary.

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- Marianne Williamson

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