She Has Wings
The support and trust that the WINGS Creed advocates is exemplified by Wayland and Marion Cato’s gift of an exciting new arts center at the College of Charleston that offers a whole new level of support for artists in our community.

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Hot WingsHere’s a fun way to help kids learn to read social cues and identify the emotions of others, by playing a variation of charades.

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about an intriguing iPhone application for kids, dreamed up by an innovative team that includes former WINGSLeader Sara Berliner, featured in this Wall Street Journal write-up.

Congressional leader James Clyburn watched a dance contest, participated in “Heys and Praise” and joined a handshake tutorial on a visit to Memminger Elementary School last week. He told the kids: “I wish I had WINGS when I was growing up!”

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Everyone has noticed the effort that 2nd-grader Imari Simpson is making in her behavior, and recently she was nominated for the WINGS Silver Award as a result.

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- James Gross, director of the Stanford Psychophysiology Lab

This month PBS debuted a new series on the vital role that emotions play in a happy, successful life – more evidence of the growing recognition of this Movement to advance social and emotional education.

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