She Has Wings
With contagious optimism, Suzan Zoukis jumped onboard the Dialin’ and Dancin’ campaign and made a believer of husband Stephen. As the WINGS Creed says, “I am a friend – I support and trust.” Suzan’s early trust showed the way. And the couple’s matching gift doubled the value of other donations.

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Hot WingsStaying positive is a skill that kids can learn. At WINGS we use the Push and Pull as a constant reminder.

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Wings on, the staff shows smooth moves.

No one dreamed that the WINGS Dialin’ and Dancin’ challenge would kick off such a passionate chain reaction. People danced with babies, dogs, miniature American flags, the jerseys of their favorite football team – and flaming yellow rain boots. From the age of 72 down to 11 months, in pouring rain and raging heat, on video and in person, the dancing went on for 28 hours. Forty members of the accounting firm Dixon Hughes were dancing on one of Charleston's busiest street corners.

When the dancing stopped and CEO Ginny Deerin took off her bedraggled white wings, $122,000 had been raised. Staying true to a reputation for uncommon fiscal stability, WINGS met the annual fundraising goal for the 13th year in a row. Doing whatever it takes to stay financially strong allows WINGS to support kids and their families, now and for years to come.

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Read what our old and new friends had to say about Dialin’ and Dancin’:

Thanks for the opportunity to dance with you. I’m sending a check – less than I’d like – but with great admiration for what you do for young people, this community, and beyond.

OK, I didn’t dance, but YOUR dancing got me to give. WINGS is the only organization I know that it’s actually entertaining to receive updates from!

You all are awesome. I’ll be down to dance and support.

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- Golf champion Arnold Palmer



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