She Has Wings
The real story behind Oscar-winning movie The Blind Side shows how Michael Oher overcame tremendous odds with the help of his adoptive family to make choices that were “what’s best for me to do,” as the WINGS Creed says, and graduate from college and become a first-round NFL draft pick.

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Hot WingsAt WINGS we use this story to teach kids how their positive emotions are contagious.

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Watch this terrific video that offers a new take on an old problem – procrastination. Now research shows that developing emotional intelligence helps people curb procrastination by strengthening the ability to regulate emotions. Don’t wait another minute!

Procrastinators, this creative and hilarious video is for you!

Colleges are clamoring to admit Kimberly Bowman! More than 20 colleges have accepted her, offering $630,000 in scholarships to this bubbly, outgoing WINGS kid with straight A’s who used to suffer crippling self-doubt as a shy little girl.

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- Abolitionist and former slave Frederick Douglass

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