She Has Wings
Listen to this song called “Wings” written just for us. Not really – but listen anyway! “If you’re ever gonna fly without fear, you’re gonna have to learn to love the atmosphere and use those wings that you can’t see,” sings Will Kimbrough on his album of the same name.

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Hot WingsThe WINGS Creed makes it easier to help kids behave by capitalizing on teachable moments.

Here's how.


Just put on your WINGsuit
and fly away!

He did it! Congressman James Clyburn accepted the WINGS challenge to recite the Creed flawlessly, videotaped in his Capitol Hill office by WINGS kids Destiny, Navarro and Raheim who flew there on a private plane just for the occasion.

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See photos of the trip.

First-grader Jazmin Brown goes out of her way to live the Creed by being kind and caring to the others in her Egrets Nest and any kids who cross her path. Her WINGSLeader Ms. Michelle says she is especially good at sharing whatever she has with other kids.

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- Therapist John Gottman

More than 100 staff and kids from WINGS pitched in to help at United Way’s Youth Service Day in April – by far the best participation of any organization.

The after school field’s leading publication, School-Age Notes, spotlights WINGS practices for getting the day’s activities off to a strong start.

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