She Has Wings
If WINGS was a glass repair shop, it would likely operate a lot like Lowcountry-based company Glasspro. At WINGS, we pride ourselves on “letting our WINGS out”—aka living the Creed we teach—and we consciously strive to be “bus drivers,” meaning that we greet everyone we meet with smiles and the respect deserved.

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Hot WingsLearning to appreciate the little things in life is a hard lesson for us all—and it’s especially difficult for kids. At WINGS we teach our kids that everything around them is a blessing, and that the things they want aren’t always the things they need.

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What WINGS teaches…from our own kids’ mouths!

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After nearly fifteen years of soaring with WINGS—growing our organization from a summer camp for girls to a four-program operation reaching more than 450 kids a year—WINGS’ fearless founder and CEO, Ginny Deerin, will take flight from the organization she created.

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Jessica is one of our fourth grade Pelicans at North Charleston Elementary School (NCES). We think she’s especially great because she’s able to manage her emotions like a pro, and even when negative situations present themselves, she applies WINGS objectives to help her make responsible decisions.

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- Eleanor Roosevelt

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