She Has Wings
11-year-old Tyler Wilson of Findlay, Ohio without a doubt has WINGS. We’re all about encouraging our kids to love and accept who they are—inside and out—and Tyler has proven he does just that.

Read what makes Tyler so special.

Hot WingsWe’re all guilty of acting impulsively at times. At WINGS we teach kids the following strategy to help them brainstorm all possible courses of action and predict potential consequences before choosing what action is best to take.

Read how you can use our STORM acronym.


We love this message from Ellen DeGeneres. And we’re so glad she’s taking a stance and making this a teachable moment for us all. Watch it.

The October issue of Harvard Business Review featured an article entitled, “The Emerging Capital Market for Nonprofits.” The message is that the model for nonprofit giving is shifting away from financial reports and moving more toward accountability. We’ve long held ourselves accountable for delivering on our outcomes around WINGS, and this is an encouraging article for us as we move into the latter stages of our Five Year Flight Plan: an important evaluation period for us.

What does this mean for WINGS?

Lisandro is in his second year at WINGS at North Charleston Elementary School and is a member of the Falcons “nest” of third grade boys. His WINGSLeader, Justin Scott, describes him as living proof of someone who, as our WINGS Creed says, “loves and accepts who he is on the inside.”

Learn why he's so special.

- Oscar Wilde

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