She Has Wings
One of the most recited stanzas in our WINGS creed reads, “Life’s full of surprises that make me feel different ways. If I can control myself, I will have much better days.” How to react to life’s surprises allows for many teachable moments with our kids. And even outside of WINGS, our staff will admit to pulling this line out when we need to keep things in check.

This month’s He has WINGS recipient, College of Charleston senior Jordan Thomas, serves as the ultimate teachable moment for us all—illustrating how an individual can face a life-defining surprise and even in the midst of their own struggles can use the new hand they have been dealt to show compassion for others.

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Hot WingsThe ability to communicate emotions is one of the first building blocks we introduce to our kids at the start of the school year, and it’s an easy exercise for families to try at home.

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Loving this around WINGS! Stereomood allows you to dial into your emotions in a whole new way.

We think WINGS is pretty great, but it’s nice when we hear it from a trusted outside source—especially when that source is as well-recognized as The University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education.

WINGS has been selected as the only site nationwide at which UVA’s Curry School of Education will conduct a yearlong experiment testing the link between fine motor skills and improved cognitive math ability in students k-2nd grade.

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Destiny Singleton entered WINGS as a second grader at Memminger Elementary, marking this year her fifth and final year with our program before she’s off to soar to even greater heights.

We consider Destiny one of our WINGS success stories, and it’s in watching Destiny live out the creed and strengthen in her own self-awareness that keeps us charging ahead at WINGS—so we can ultimately equip as many kids as possible with the opportunity to grow in the same fashion.

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- Frederick Douglass

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