Diana Nyad

She dreamt it, trained for it, and lived it. Although she didn't end up reaching her goal, Diana Nyad definitely has WINGS for persevering and being self-aware!
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Sometimes talking with a child feels like talking to a wall! Kids have so much going and sometimes they just can't focus on what is being told to them. Guess what? There is an easier answer than raising your voice or nagging the child for not listening.
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Mutual of Omaha - sponsor of life's aha moments - asked CEO Bridget Laird to share her lightbulb story. Watch why Bridget knew it was imperative to give as many kids WINGS as she could. (1:36)

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WINGS Study Receives $2.8 Million from U.S. Department of Education

We're bursting at the seams around WINGS to release this news to the masses! The Institute for Education Sciences—the research arm of the U.S. Department of Education—announced they will award University of Virginia's Curry School of Education a $2.8 million grant to conduct a study of the impact of our program.

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Danyel is a 5th grader at North Charleston Elementary School entering her 3rd year with us at WINGS. Read what makes her so great.
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"A problem is a chance for you to do your best."

— Duke Ellington



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