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The Guest Services Crew at Charleston Place Hotel

Granted, most of the individuals who chose to enter a career in guest services are "people pleasers," and you can expect to see them exhibit kind and caring behavior while on the job. But what makes the 21-person guest services team at Charleston Place Hotel so special is the way they extend a healthy dose of kind and empathetic behavior to guests, colleagues, and passerbys alike, both on and off the clock. Read why they're so great!


One of our favorite lines of the WINGS Creed, recited daily at our program, reads "I understand the choices I make should be what's best for me to do." However, seeing the best course of action isn't always easy for kids! We use "YES MESS" to teach our kids the art of positive decision making. If they answer YES to any of the questions, they are in a YES MESS.
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Life is full of risks. Find your motivation here.

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Battling Bullying with SEL

At WINGS we teach our kids how to step into the shoes of others and how to make good decisions. While these have long been cornerstones of our program at WINGS, they're now found to also be important tools to help prevent kids against long-term damage often caused by emotional scarring.

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Shakeila is a stand-out second grader and member of the Doves nest at Chicora Elementary. Not only does she strive to make the best choices for herself, but she goes out of her way every day to motivate fellow WINGS kids to also reach their personal best.
Read why Shakeila soars!
"All learning has an emotional base."

- Plato


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