Sara Ferguson

This literacy and math teacher at Columbus Elementary School in Chester, Pennsylvania became the spokeswoman in the initiative to work without pay when the district revealed that it could no longer afford to pay its staff.
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Help kids catch and hold onto their strengths so they can love and accept themselves.
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Check out the WINGS-wide fun that was had for Superbowl XLIV. Across the schools, WINGS kids formed teams, had cheerleaders, served concessions, and announced scores - all in the spirit of fun and teamwork! Enjoy - and Gooooooooo WINGS!

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The Value of Happiness

We strive for all members of our team to feel energized and enthusiastic about the work we are doing. In essence, we want them to be happy. So, when we saw the Harvard Business Review's February Spotlight about happiness in the workplace, we couldn't wait to dig in and assess ourselves.

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Stephanie is a 3rd grader at North Charleston Elementary School and in her 3rd year at WINGS.
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The greek root of the word philanthropy is philanthropia and means “the love of humanity.”



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