Clara Pilley

Ten-year-old Clara Pilley of Mount Pleasant is on a mission. With the help of her friends and the community, she hopes to have the key to help end homelessness in the Lowcountry.

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Free Social Skills
Batter up! Listen up!

The hectic summer is upon us and kids will be heading in every direction. Home (or camp) will literally become "home base" for everyone coming and going. Stay connected with your kids and maintain effective listening and communication by playing Batter Up!
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This parrot not only has wings, but lives WINGS. He certainly knows that his emotions are nothing to hide!
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Riding the Wave of SEL: Social and Emotional Movement Swells

Slowly gaining speed, SEL has caught serious momentum over the last five years. What a thrill it's been to ride the wave of advancement and continue to be in good company as research mounts: SEL is a critical piece of education reform.
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Meet Dayvonte

Dayvonte is a member of the Heron's nest and just completed the fourth grade at James Simons Elementary School. His WINGSLeader Juan describes him as a kind, caring and helpful young man who makes good decisions.
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A leader is the wave pushed ahead by the ship.
  — Leo Tolstoy

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  • Sisters of Charity of SC Fndtn
  • AmeriCorps GA
  • Belk Fndtn
  • Hertzman-Fishman Fndtn
  • Richardson, Patrick, Westbrook & Brickman
  • Wells Fargo

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