CREATO Before Spoleto

An online art auction by WINGS kids for WINGS programs!

CREATO Before Spoleto is an online art auction and fundraiser going on now through the 22nd of May. The auction features pieces produced by WINGS kids and will help to kick off the Spoleto season in Charleston.
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DIY: Free Social Skills Yes, you MAY smile! Video

Kids are often taught not to brag or "rub it in" when they experience success or triumph, but this doesn’t mean they should hide their joyful feelings.
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Take the 9 minutes and 22 seconds to watch this video. You WILL NOT regret it.
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Frankie Antonelli

Frankie is a smart, handsome, funny, athletic, and popular 15-year-old. Like his two brothers, and many other kids his age, he is an active young man and plays basketball, soccer, baseball, kickball, golf, and he swims. Unlike his brothers, Frankie happens to have Down Syndrome- a genetic abnormality that is a part of him, but in no way defines him or who he is.

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Meet Andre

Andre is a second grader at Memminger Elementary School and in his first year with WINGS. He is a proud member of the Orioles Nest and says that one day, when he's in college, he would like to become a WINGSLeader himself.
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WINGSLeader Snapshot

Arielle White, 20

"The skills that we teach not only help the kids, but they also help me. I have learned how to better deal with stress which is something that comes with being a college student."
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WINGS Graduates!
Dates/Times for graduation celebrations:

  • Heritage Elem (ATL) 5/16 @ 5pm
  • S.L. Lewis Elem (ATL) 5/15 @ 5pm
  • Chicora Elem (CHS) 5/22 @ 5pm
  • N. Chs Elem (CHS) 5/23 @ 5pm
  • J. Simons Elem (CHS) 5/23 @ 5pm
  • Memminger Elem (CHS) 5/23 @ 5pm

Recent Grants

  • MeadWestvaco
  • Hertzman-Fishman Foundation
  • Katz Foundation
  • Sticky Fingers – Mt. Pleasant
  • Kickin’ Chicken – Downtown
  • Poe’s – Sullivan’s Island

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