A big WINGS Thank You to Kars4Kids

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WINGS is fortunate to have many supporters - governmental agencies, private foundations, corporations, and individuals. Last week, WINGS Atlanta received a grant award from Kars4Kids. They also interviewed WINGS Atlanta's Development Associate Barbra Buoy, who shared a wealth of wisdom.


Per the Kars4Kids website, "We invest in children because they are our future. That may sound cliché but it’s undeniably true. Our mission is to give children the opportunities and support they need to develop into productive members of their communities. Mentorship is the heart of all of our programs. We surround our youth with a solid network of always-available mentors who become involved in all the major aspects of the children’s lives. Because family and community have such a significant impact on a child’s life and growth, we take a big-picture, inclusive approach to achieve our goal. Our programs include educational services, youth mentorship and development, community and family outreach and cultural events. With summer camps and extracurricular programs, holiday retreats and educational resources, we are there for our children throughout the year."

Meet Barbra and read her interview here

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