The WINGS Approach to Social and Emotional Learning: 

WINGS creates an environment where kids can be kids. We equip adults to be supportive, engaging and thoughtful so kids can celebrate, talk about their emotions, and work through struggles all while feeling cared for, understood, and listened to.

Central to our approach to social and emotional learning is the conviction that SEL starts with adult skills and practices, an infused SEL culture, and an explicit, comprehensive SEL curriculum. Culture and climate affects the quality of learning interactions and promotes healthy knowledge and skill development; Positive interactions and relationships with adults provides a critical foundation for successful and supported learning; Skill building across five core competencies helps kids gain confidence, self-control, and empowers them to become problem solvers and make positive choices.

Culture and Climate

An environment where SEL can thrive is one which

  • Encourages kids to become the best version of themselves
  • Creates a community where everyone is valued
  • Makes learning fun 

Adult Skills and Practices

Cultivating positive relationships and positive ways of relating to others means adults

  • Model skills across the five SEL competencies
  • Interact with others in engaging and supportive ways (staff and kids)
  • Foster continuous improvement
  • Use positive behavior management strategies

Codified Curriculum

Intentional skill building across five SEL competencies is broken down into

  • 10 learning objectives
  • Lessons, activities, and games
  • Teachable moments