Atlanta WINGer is Principal for a Day

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On November 18th, WINGS for Kids’ Development Associate Alexis Buchanan attended the Principal for a Day program at Harriet Tubman Elementary School in College Park Georgia. 


Alexis shadowed Principal Lori Bolds for several hours as she went through her normal daily activities. It was a very busy day! The day started with a tour of the school which included classrooms, the media center, and the cafeteria, in which Alexis joined a class of second graders for lunch.

Next, Alexis attended a staff development math training which teachers are required to attend twice a week in order to improve their skills. Principal Bolds also attends these trainings so she can be abreast of the new skills her teachers are acquiring.  Afterwards Alexis was tasked with helping Principal Bolds calm down a first grader who was very upset about attending the dental clinic that was providing free teeth cleanings to needy students that day.  Alexis understood his apprehension completely, as she is always scared to go to the dentist too! He was able to calm down and returned to class.

Later, Alexis and Principal Bolds observed and took notes in several different classrooms, which included a STEM classroom in which the students were doing a science experiment, and another classroom where a teacher was using interactive computer software to play a learning game with the students. It was a very exciting day! Alexis definitely has a greater appreciation for the enormous amount of work it takes for a Principal to manage a school staff and students.

Thanks again to Principal Bolds and her staff for accommodating WINGS for Principal for a Day

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