Creating Routines

Why are routines and structure important? They give children a sense of security and help them develop self-discipline and responsibility. Whether it is creating simple steps for bedtime, or an after school homework and chores time, your child will benefit from following a routine. When the routine is followed step by step, again and again, that child is learning excellent habits of self-discipline and responsibility. They will also learn the positive effects of accomplishment and achievement.  And always make sure to give lots of praise for their wonderful efforts! Check out some tips below for creating routine during important times of the day:


  • Set out clothes. Teach your children to choose and set out their clothes the night before.
  • Pack their book bag. Make sure their homework is completed, sign anything that needs your signature, and transfer important school dates to your calendar. Place their book bag by the door so it’s ready to pick up and go!
  • Make it a game. Write your morning routine down to the minute and turn getting ready into a game. The healthy competition will encourage the kids to get out the door even faster. 


  • Create a family calendar that everyone can see. You will have fewer moments of "ohh no I forgot” if your kids keep all assignments and activities written down in one place.
  • Stay organized. Make sure you have a place to keep all school and homework supplies in one place. This will cut down on the amount of time spent looking for what you need to get your work done.
  • Always have a healthy snack and drink at the homework station. A snack can do wonders to keep the brain going. 


  • Establish a bedtime routine. This may include a relaxing bath and story time to help them wind down from the day. 
  • Watch what they eat. Certain foods will prevent them from sleeping so stay away from anything containing sugar or caffeine.
  • Turn off the TV. Children fall asleep faster if they have been away from a screen for two hours prior to bedtime.
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