Personalize the Presents

The season of giving is upon us! Sometimes, with all the stress of the holiday, it’s easy to lose sight of the true meaning of gift giving.  Oftentimes, we buy gifts just to have something to give, without any real thought behind it. This season, personalize your presents so the special people in your life know how much they mean to you through their gifts!

Beyond putting extra thought into the actual gift, there are several small ways you can make the gift-receiver feel special. Here are some creative ideas for strengthening your relationships by personalizing your presents: 

  • Address the gift by coming up with an adjectives that fit the receiver that also match the first letter in their first name.  Examples:
    •  To: Amazing & Athletic Amanda
    •  To: Determined Dennis
  • Place a picture of you and the receiver either on the wrapping paper, in the tissue paper within the gift, or use it as a gift tag.
  • Write a simple personalized poem about the person inside the lid of the gift box. Example:
    • Roses are red, violets are blue, because you always support me is why I love you!
  • Use paper bags (lunch or grocery) as wrapping paper or gift bags. Decorate the wrapping with words or drawings that represent that person.
  • Add a note that highlights your favorite memory with the person or why the relationship is meaningful to you.
  • Make a stamp of your fingerprint with paint or ink and write what you think makes the person unique underneath your fingerprint. Example:
    • Just as no two fingerprints are the same, you're unique because you are the only one who sings Taylor Swift in the car with me!
  • Use the person’s name as an acronym and use words to describe the person for each letter of their name.
  • Make up a hashtag to describe the person receiving the gift.  Examples:
    • To: Melissa  #myfunnyfriend
    • To: Mr. Mailman #mrreliable

Here at WINGS we challenge you to personalize your presents this holiday season and let your love and appreciation show – Let it ‘show’, Let it ‘show’, Let it ‘show’