Do It Yourself - Feb 2016

Peace = Love

We don’t think it’s a coincidence that Valentine’s Day follows Dr. Martin Luther King Day. Understanding, conflict resolution, and peace - when practiced - lead to a more loving and empathetic environment.

Resolving conflicts peacefully is not an easy undertaking. Many times, disputes and disagreements result in outbursts that can often turn hateful. In other cases, conflicts are swept under the rug in an effort to not upset anyone.  This can lead to further problems down the road as negative feelings continue to mount.  It is critical that conflicts are addressed and worked through calmly with a common goal, to ensure all parties feel heard, the underlying issues resolved, and love rises to the top.  

In honor of last month’s #MLKDay and this month’s #ValentinesDay, our team shares how WINGS works to create a culture of love rooted in understanding through PEACE.


P      Pause and calm down

E      Express yourselves & listen to each other

A      Acknowledge options for solutions

C     Choose the best option

E      End it by choosing best option and moving on


Peace really does equal love.