Do It Yourself March 2015

Clean Slate

Spring is a symbol of a fresh start, a time of renewal.  During this season, people often take the time to get a fresh start – clean out their closets and junk drawers, start exercising outside again, even tidy up the lawn with plants and bird feeders.

This spring, as you begin to freshen-up many aspects of your life, why not try rebuilding relationships that might have become a bit tarnished?  We encourage you to think about any friendships that could benefit from a clean slate.  Maybe you and the other person just need to apologize and start fresh – move forward.  Have you been holding a grudge or did a miscommunication occur?  In order to wipe the slate clean, someone needs to take the first step by reaching out and making amends.

At WINGS, we teach kids to make amends by using the following the steps: 

  • Own what YOU did.  Be honest.
  • Think about how the other person might have been hurt.
  • Find the best way to fix it.
  • Try not to do it again.  

When working to make amends with someone, you first have to admit to the action you did that might have caused or added to any friction or conflict.  It can sometimes be difficult to ‘own’ what you did and be honest, but it is definitely the first step in making any apology.  After taking responsibility for your actions you must then also think about how that person might have been affected or hurt by your actions – step into their shoes.  Next, you would need to brainstorm all of the ways you could attempt to fix the problem or make it better and then choose the best way. Finally, once you have made amends and recognize where you might have went wrong you try not to repeat the same mistake.

As you work to wipe the slate clean with people in your life, hopefully your relationships can get stronger and continue to grow not only during springtime, but throughout the months and years ahead.