Do It Yourself - May 2016

Sail Into Summer with the Four Cs


The summer season is quickly approaching – the warm weather has arrived, school is wrapping up, and the planning for summer vacations had begun!  Families usually spend the summer months together. Heading to the beach, lake, or pool; cook-outs in the backyard; and lots of outdoor games are just a few of the ways families and friends make the most of summertime.  When gathering a group of people, especially relatives, it can become difficult for everyone to agree and be happy with the outcome.  Should we grill chicken or burgers? Spend our vacation at the lake or the beach? Play bocce or basketball?  Getting everyone on the same page can be frustrating and lead to unnecessary arguing. 

It’s all about making a compromise; recognizing that conflict and change are natural and valuable components of life and are not to be feared or avoided. In a true compromise, the group is able to come to a win/win outcome so that everyone involved in the decision ends up with a positive result. Teaching and using the Four Cs is a great way to make sure you get those positive results:


  1. Come Together - When you work with other people, you first have to come together with a common interest. You all have to be working toward the same thing. If you are working only to make yourself happy, you are not coming together.
  1. Compromise - Then you have to compromise, you have to find what works and what won’t. You have to share your ideas and thoughts, but be willing to listen to others. Remember, you want to make everyone happy, not just you.
  1. Change - Next, you have to be willing to make a change. You need to decide what is best for the group, even if it wasn’t your idea or what you wanted to do in the first place.
  1. Celebrate - Once the changes occur, you should have a win/win outcome. Everyone should be happy at least in some way and it’s time to celebrate!

With all the decisions that will need to be made as a family this summer, the Four Cs are a quick and easy tool to utilize and ensure everyone is happy with the outcome!