Do it Yourself - Oct 2015

Someone to Celebrate

Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner as Halloween has become the unofficial start of the holiday season! So many traditions come along with the bigger holidays and many of them revolve around family.  Family is something that should be celebrated regularly, so why not take some time to design different holidays for individual family members!

This holiday season, allow each member of the family to create a new day that celebrates them and represents their personality.  The holiday should highlight strengths, specific personality traits, or even favorite hobbies.  Encourage each family member to name their holiday, determine the date, and list the traditions that would go along with that special day – like foods to eat, colors to wear, or things people should do. Encourage everyone to be creative and a little silly while designing their new holiday – it’s all about showcasing and celebrating things about them. 

Here are a few examples:

“Sweat & Sweets Day” – November 7th, the family plays a game of soccer and then goes out for ice cream afterwards

“Karaoke Kraziness” January 10th, the family hosts a tournament style karaoke contest and invites extended family to come compete, brackets are created and contestants are seeded in the bracket based on pulling numbers from a hat, all family members vote on the winning person in each completion until one final winner is determined

“Lend a Hand Day” – March 28th, help someone out by doing a small favor or a random act of kindness in honor of that person because they are always kind and have a positive attitude

Make sure to mark your calendars to keep it official so that family member can be celebrated every year as a new family tradition. People can even add to their holidays or make changes as the years go by; it is their day after all. When the particular day rolls around, the entire family takes time out for that “someone to celebrate!”