Exploring Personality Traits with Supper Superhero

As Halloween approaches, people look forward to being transformed into something new or someone else. Costumes allow us to pretend to be something we are not – even if it’s just for one evening. Taking on a new persona can be exhilarating as you test out different traits and get to play a new role!

While people often go over the top playing characters for Halloween, there are many times throughout a typical week when different personality traits can emerge. There are days we are courageous, days we are generous, days when we persevere through a challenging moment. We move quickly from one day to the next without reflecting on the good we’ve done or the changes we’ve made in our world. Instead of waiting until Halloween to pretend to be someone else, why not relish in who you are on a daily basis. Taking a moment each day to think of the positive you’ve done can remind you of all the positive traits you already possess.

A classic character to dress up as for Halloween is a Superhero. These heroes display positive traits as they work to save others and do good in the world. To highlight the do-gooders in your family try this. Once a week – or even daily, appoint a Supper Superhero. Have that person share a positive characteristic or trait they displayed that day or in the past week. Did you display kindness by helping someone out? Did you show selflessness by going out of your way to help someone? Did you exhibit athleticism by scoring the winning goal in your soccer game? As kids share the good they’ve done, teach them about the traits they displayed and encourage family conversation about the good things we all do throughout the day.

If you’re feeling really creative, you can have a little logo or symbol that you place on the plate or napkin of the selected Supper Superhero so they know who they are when they sit down. Here is an example template you can use or even draw something similar yourself: