Do It Yourself February 2015

Spread the Love

With Valentine’s Day just wrapping up, love is still in the air! Flowers, candy, and jewelry are always sweet day-of signs of affection, but why not try to spread the love throughout the week, month, or even year?  To keep the love alive, write a handful of specific love notes that can be opened at different times in the future.   Use these messages to tell them why you love them and how much they mean to you.  Step into the shoes of your loved ones and think about times they would appreciate some extra love from you. On the outside of the note, card, or envelope, write instructions on when the message should be opened.   

Example Outside Message: Open when… a sibling bothers you

On the inside, jot down something specific that shows how much or why you love that person.

Example Inside Message:  Siblings can be very annoying sometimes, but I love how you are such a good big brother. You are always helping me with your younger siblings by playing with them and sharing your toys. Your siblings look up to you and that makes me smile.

If you run out of messages to write, insert a picture or inside joke – anything you can use to show that person how much they are loved.  As your loved ones open their special messages, they’ll feel your admiration long after Valentine’s Day has passed.

Other Example Outside Messages 

Pre-school age*:  Open When…

  • You wake up in the morning
  • You are buckling up in the car
  • You are eating your afternoon snack
  • You finished watching a TV show
  • You are about to go outside
  • You are about to go to bed

Elementary school age:  Open when…

  • You can’t fall asleep at night
  • You’ve had a bad day at school
  • You need a hug
  • You are leaving for school
  • A sibling bothers you
  • You are eating lunch

Middle school age:  Open when…

  • You feel alone
  • You are upset with me
  • You need a laugh
  • Things might be hard
  • You feel nervous
  • Feeling down about yourself

Young adults:  Open when…

  • You get into your car
  • You have a success
  • You accomplish a goal
  • You need support
  • Faced with a hard choice
  • You are about to go out

Adult family members:  Open when…

  • You miss me
  • I frustrate you
  • You are about to go on a trip
  • You have worked hard at something
  • You are feeling anxious
  • No one understands you


*Parents will need to read the love notes aloud to children who are unable to read themselves