First Glance: Annual Report and Strategic Priorities -- This fall 1,119 elementary students began a new year of WINGS - a year that will be filled with new experiences and new skills. We can’t forget to celebrate last year’s wins: a partnership project in California, the conclusion of our 4-year impact study, and all key performance targets met. Our sights are now focused on the future: 16,000 kids attending WINGS by 2020. Our plan centers on reaching the highest levels of quality and impact in our direct service sites while expanding our reach through a network of partner organizations. Read more about last year’s highlights and our future plans in Look Closer | 2016-2017 Annual Report.

EVERYTHING! New D.C. Chancellor has Wings
Antwan Wilson has a vision for D.C. public schools: excellence, equity, and love. His plan to increase high school graduation rates rests on changing school culture through social and emotional learning.“Love is a really powerful thing. It allows us to challenge students.” Wilson understands that creating an environment where kids feel loved and supported means teachers must model these traits first. “I know we can do it because I know what school did for me." For seeing beyond test scores and supporting SEL, Antwan Wilson has wings! Read more.

Take Your Emotional Responses Off Repeat
How do you react when you’re happy, angry, or embarrassed? Our SEL coaches break down how to recognize your emotional patterns and help kids identify theirs. Read more.


Choir Goes Viral for All of the Right Reasons --
Baltimore middle school students send goosebumps across the country with their performance of “Rise Up.”
You have to watch this (again). Pure magic! Watch here.



October Is...

Anti-Bullying Month
Use our free kit to talk about bullying and teach empathy.

National Principals Month
We could not operate without the support and trust of our school principals. Watch how we work together.