lead-story-image-4.17.pngmain-headline-title-4.17.png National News Outlets Turn to WINGS Last month, when the White House announced their proposed budget for FY18, after school funding was one of many line items eliminated, citing “there’s no demonstrative evidence these programs are helping kids do better in school.” With clear impact and effectiveness, The Washington Post, CNN, The Atlantic, HBO, WABE Atlanta (NPR) and The Post & Courier enlisted WINGS to cite proof of our students’ increased school attendance and better classroom behavior. Read more.

has-wings-img-4.17.pnghas-wings-2016.pngSt. John’s 5th Grade Basketball Team After four years of playing basketball together, nine boys and two girls had to make a decision: forfeit the rest of the season or play without the girls. The eleven players unanimously agreed to remain a team with one teammate proclaiming “unity!” Because of their true display of teamwork and sportsmanship, the St. John’s 5th grade basketball team has wings! Read more.

New_DIY_image.jpgfree-social-skills-2016.pngPlant a Good Seed: Positive Feedback Helps Kids Blossom Our program staff shares three simple - yet specific - steps to deliver positive feedback so kids continue to display positive behavior. Read more.

watch-img-4.17.pngwings-watch-16.pngSupersized Generosity Shajuana Mays dreamt of going to nursing school but didn’t have the money for tuition. That all changed after one encounter in the Popeye’s drive-thru line. Watch here.



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