lead-image-winter.pngheadline-text-main-winter.png Why Mentoring Matters Did you know that more than one in three students at risk of not graduating from high school grow up without an adult mentor in their life? This month is National Mentoring Month and we enthusiastically celebrate the young adults (WINGSLeaders) and volunteers who show up consistently for our kids after school. Mentorship matters because it’s real, it is human contact, interpersonal relationships, and a committed transfer of knowledge. Mentors help fill the gaps that many young people experience when trying to connect dots that have not been connected before. A recent study by Big Brothers Big Sisters found that students who received consistent mentoring were 52% less likely to skip school and 55% more like to enroll in college. Our mentors are pure magic and every day they sprinkle connection, adoration, listening and learning on their kids because nobody succeeds on their own. Read the Presidential Proclamation for National Mentoring Month, 2017. To mentor with WINGS click here.

wings-img-edit-winter.pnghas-wings-2016.pngUPS: Wishes Delivered During the holidays UPS not only delivered millions of packages, they delivered wishes to kids nominated by the drivers in their communities. Like Aidan, a special needs student surprised with a mini UPS truck all his own, or Juliana, who wanted to GIVE presents away to others and unloaded a truck full of toys. And that’s just the beginning! UPS, we salute you for stepping into the shoes of others, celebrating diversity and being kind and caring. You have wings! For stories and videos, read more here.

New_DIY_image.jpgfree-social-skills-2016.pngKeep It Up! The New Year brings resolutions - big and small. We all start off with the best of intentions and then, well, we flop. Our program team has an easy way to “keep it up” all year long by “keeping distractions away” and more. Click for tip.

watch-img-winter.pngwings-watch-16.png12 Year-Old Plays Her Heart Out: #ICYMI Grace VanderWaal’s original audition is still brave, authentic, and self-aware. Way to be you, Grace. (Her story is as good as her song!) Watch here.



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