Family Engagement at SL Lewis Elementary

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On Wednesday, February 24, 2016, the program team at SL Lewis Elementary School held the first of its spring 2016 family engagement events. Entitled Dance into Spring with WINGS, the afternoon included a simulation of a day in the life at WINGS. Parents were welcomed with colorful decorations and a buffet dinner!


The first part of the program was a re-creation of a WildWINGS activity. During, WINGS, each Friday WildWINGS is the time to wrap up the week’s learning objective in the most fun-filled way imaginable. Each WildWINGS has a specific theme revolving around that week’s SEL objective. WildWINGS is an opportunity to “wow” WINGS kids, get on their level and be imaginative. High energy is a must! For our parents, they participated in a team game just like WINGS kids. IMG_2800.JPG

The next part of the program was an education component for parents and was delivered by Executive Director, Denise Blake. Denise shared information about Georgia's new statewide afterschool standards. The Georgia After School Youth Development Quality Standards highlight the important components of high quality programs and are based on national research and best practices and cover these nine topics: 

  • Programming & Youth Development
  • Linkages with the School Day
  • Environment & Climate
  • Relationships
  • Health & Well Being
  • Staffing & Professional Development
  • Organizational Practices
  • Evaluation & Outcomes
  • Family & Community Partnerships

The last part of the program was recitation of the WINGS Creed. All WINGS kids, parents, and program team members participated. We fly high!


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I am hoping you definitely check out the coaching career – it’s the maximum rewarding job on this planet! I’ve been coaching for almost 13 years (broadly speaking second grade) and i nevertheless find it irresistible!!! Don’t get me incorrect, coaching calls for plenty of time, paintings, and persistence. I have students coming again to go to who’re a hit in college now. When they inform me that i’ve made a distinction in there lives and feature inspired them, then it’s all worthwhile!
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These kids deserve a better future. Thank you all for nurturing them.

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