Good Job! or Good Girl!

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Two word positive reinforcements like Good Job! or Good Girl just won't cut it!   

What could possibly be wrong with praise or positive reinforcement?  After all, positive reinforcement is one of the most effective tools a supervisor or a parent has, right?  When praise is vague and indiscriminate we tend to tune it out. How many times have we said to someone or heard it ourselves "Great job!"  

We all know and especially kids can tell the difference between when praise is given at rote or for a reason. Here at WINGS we give a lot of positive feedback called "Heys and Praise"!

Praise only accomplishments that require real effort: "Dawn can I give you some praise?  I think you are really good at jump rope. It shows you practice a lot!"

Be specific: What a beautiful drawing Petunia, you used all of the colors in the spectrum and you drew a character form our story!

Praise the behavior rather than the child: Sam you played and finished your lego tower while I was finishing up a call for work, just like I asked!"

TIPS: Be Positive...Be Real...Be Specific!


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