He has WINGS!

When former Wall Street bond salesman Gordon Murray decided to stop treatment for his rare form of brain cancer earlier this year it could have been easy for him to roll over and accept defeat. But instead, he’s channeled his emotions in another direction: a book deal.

As our Creed says, "Life’s full of surprises that make me feel different ways. If I can control myself, I will have much better days.” And from this recent New York Times article, we’re more than impressed by Murray’s ability to manage his emotions, while reaching others with advice on managing their own financial futures.

His book, entitled “The Investment Answer: Learn to Manage Your Money & Protect Your Financial Future” offers his best tips for investing, gathered from 25 years of growth and success pushing bonds. And it’s something that he hopes will reach and help the everyday person navigate a tough financial landscape. Which is why Murray raced against the clock to get his thoughts to paper, all while battling the latest curveballs this rare cancer threw his way.

“To have a purpose and a mission for me has been really special,” said Murray. “It probably has added days to my life.”

Murray reminds us that even if we can’t control the cards we’re dealt, we’re ultimately the ones who steer the decisions we make—no matter what life throws our way.

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