He's Got WINGS

Listen to this song called “Wings” written just for us. Not really – but listen anyway! “If you’re ever gonna fly without fear, you’re gonna have to learn to love the atmosphere and use those wings that you can’t see,” sings Will Kimbrough on his album of the same name.

He’s Got WINGS That You Can’t See

Nashville singer/songwriter Will Kimbrough has written songs for Jimmy Buffett and bounced around the music business for years. His first band was known as Will and the Bushmen, and then he formed The Bis-quits. He’s put out 10 albums and Rolling Stone magazine praised him as “a smart, deserving songwriter – a well-kept secret.”

His “Wings” song was written for Jimmy Buffett, and later became the title track on Kimbrough’s 2010 album.

As Kimbrough sings in our new favorite song: “I’ve got wings that you can’t see.”

We agree. Will’s got WINGS.

Listen to the song.

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