Glasspro has WINGS!

If WINGS was a glass repair shop, it would likely operate a lot like Lowcountry-based company Glasspro. At WINGS, we pride ourselves on “letting our WINGS out”—aka living the Creed we teach—and we consciously strive to be “bus drivers,” meaning that we greet everyone we meet with smiles and the respect deserved.

We can’t help but notice that Glasspro customers are met in the same WINGS-like way—each of Glasspro’s nine locations is bright and cheerful; every guest that walks through the doors is met with a warm personal reception; and all services come with a side of free smiles, Wi-Fi, soft drinks or coffee (who doesn’t appreciate that?).

Glasspro was founded in 1995, and as more locations have been added, its business philosophy has remained the same. "We truly strive to delight every customer," says Glasspro founder, Paul Heinauer. And as anyone who has walked through the doors of any of Glasspro's Lowcountry locations knows, this is one company that's truly living what it preaches.

WINGS’ homebase is just down the street from the flagship Glasspro shop, and we’re happy to have them in our area. Not only because we never know when a repair will be needed, but because we know there’s a friendly smile awaiting us just down the road. And that’s not easy to find everywhere.

Keep soaring, Glasspro! We think you’ve got something really great going.

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