Tyler Wilson

11-year-old Tyler Wilson of Findlay, Ohio without a doubt has WINGS. We’re all about encouraging our kids to love and accept who they are—inside and out—and Tyler has proven he does just that.

It seems everywhere we turn these days there is a report of bullying, and unfortunately there aren't a lot of stories out there of kids standing up to the perpetrators. We understand – it's hard to go against the crowd and take a stance, even if it's for something you believe in... something that makes you who you are. Actually, it's especially hard in those instances.

But Tyler is one of those rare kids who has an unwavering self-esteem and is ready and willing to defend himself when someone threatens his self-worth. When classmates began bullying Tyler for his participation on a youth cheerleading squad, and even became physical with him leaving Tyler with a broken arm, he remained steadfast in his love for the sport.

He recently appeared on “Good Morning America” and was quoted as saying he’s, “going to keep going…I’m going to make a lifestyle out of it.”

We love this story, and only hope it encourages more kids facing bullying—either emotional or physical—to stand up for what they believe in…but not before getting an adult involved; bullying is a serious offense and requires the assistance of adults from the onset.

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