He has WINGS
Channing Proctor

What makes Channing Proctor, founder of the Charleston Miracle League, stand out is not his 6'8" stature — it's his empathy and energy for the disabled kids and adults he serves. By stepping into the shoes of kids and adults with disabilities, Channing has spread smiles, fun and homeruns across the Lowcountry. Channing Proctor — you've got wings!

On the fast track to Big Leagues from the age of 6, Channing began to get burned out in the latter part of his high school career. Proctor's father and coach persuaded him to stick with the game, which ultimately landed him on scholarship at The Citadel. With his interests reinvigorated, his dreams of becoming a Major League Baseball player disappeared over the next three years due to a slew of injuries. Instead of becoming depressed, Channing changed focus, moving his attention to making money as he worked his way up the medical sales ladder. By his early 30s, with a wife and two young daughters at home, Proctor was spending more and more time on the road. In the midst of a sales call, Channing ran into an alum from his high school. One of their former teachers was mired in a battle with breast cancer, which all of a sudden made earning that next bonus seem a little less important.

Reality check in hand, Channing returned home after a visit with his ailing teacher and set three goals for himself: to spend more time as a husband and father, to move back to Charleston and to write a book he'd been thinking about since high school.

While working on his book, "Seasoned Rookie", Channing stumbled upon the Miracle League. The Miracle League provides a life-changing experience for children and adults with mental and physical challenges through a community supported baseball league. Channing was quickly drawn in.

With his book complete and a new job in the Lowcountry, Proctor was ready to bring the Miracle League to Charleston. He'd already donated his book proceeds to the organization, so he needed to find another way to raise the $150,000 necessary to build a custom field for the League to get off the ground locally. After raffling his '65 Thunderbird for $25,000 and working to raise the remaining funds, the Miracle League became a reality in Charleston, holding its first game in the fall of 2004.

Channing, you've stepped into others' shoes and you've demonstrated strong self-awareness and empathy - yes, you truly have WINGS!

"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet."

— Bobby Unser

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