Gabriel Angelo

This Little Drummer Trumpet Boy reminds us how great it feels to give and to pay it forward as he aims to soar to great heights!

Twelve year old Gabriel Angelo can often be found in San Francisco's busy Union Square dressed to the nines and playing his trumpet for passers-by. He does this not only as a means of practice, but also in an effort to raise money to pay for his music education at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Berkeley Jazz School, and Acme School of Music.

Gabriel's goal is to log 10,000 practice hours playing on the streets of San Francisco, and as he's been at it since January of 2006 he is over half way there! "I choose to do my own fundraising because it gives me the opportunity to play for people and meet people from all over the world," says Gabriel. "Also, I am contributing to the process." Talk about a kid who not only has musical skills, but clearly possesses social and emotional skills as well!

Gabriel and his trumpet have captured the ears and hearts of many people and have led to some great exposure and opportunities. Gabriel has been featured in a documentary called The Trumpet Kid, had the amazing opportunity to play with the great Arturo Sandaval at Herbst Theatre, and is now taking part in the show America's Got Talent! Instead of solely concentrating on his own path and success, Gabriel has big plans to pay it forward by starting a foundation to help other kids get a full music education!

Gabriel- You clearly have no problem tooting your own horn, but we just had to toot it too! You most definitely have WINGS!

“If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.”

— Bob Hope

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